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ANIME EYES ph is a animé/video game/gadget news-providing site available on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger and YouTube. It provides news/updates/reviews/previews about animés (Japanese Animation), video games and gadgets.


Early Anime Eyes logo

ANIME EYES ph started simply as Anime Eyes -  a simple animé news-providing facebook page on October 25, 2010. With the white logo in "Birth of a Hero" is the animé-cable channel, HERO TV's
"eye logo" . It is later changed into Anime Eyes with the same font style adding PH (The Philippine's country code domain) on a "Armalite Rifle" font style.

Final revision of the Anime Eyes PH logo

Later in 2011, Anime Eyes PH started to create a Blogger site (Google's Free blog provider). Due to some issue,the blog site became inactive. Anime Eyes PH continues to provide news animé news. Anime Eyes PH introduced it's new tagline "For Otakus of All Ages". It is referring that animés aren't just for kids, but also for teens and adults. In 2012, Anime Eyes PH introduced a new look inspired by Microsoft's "Metro UI". It comes with the new logo with the same color scheme as the Philippine National Flag, and a text saying "ANIME EYES ph".
ANIME EYES ph's 'metro-inspired' logo

A few weeks after the release of the new logo, we introduced the new AEph eyeCon. An eye of a
character from a famous animé/manga series. During the launch of the eyeCon, ANIME EYES ph also supported news, previews, reviews for Video Games, Gadgets and other Otaku-related stuffs.  A few days after that, ANIME EYES ph launched theirnew Twitter site. Later that day, ANIME EYES ph  [blogs] was re-launched on the same blog providerusing the same web URL. The next day, ANIME EYES ph started to launch their new page on Google+ (Google's Social-Networking site) and linked it with the admin's account on You Tube (Google's video-hosting site). ANIME EYES ph also supports updates and news about
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN's Philippine version of the reality show "Big Brother") Housemate - Myrtle Gail (Myrtle Abigail Sarrosa). Myrtle is a 17-year old Filipina cosplayer from Iloilo.

ANIME EYES ph 'eyeCon' released  February 2012.
Featuring an animé character's eye

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